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A Guide for Seniors: Using Technology to Support Your Health

Peabody Navigating Technology

Thanks to modern technology, daily life is easier than ever. Ordering food, booking a vacation, keeping up with friends—all of these things have gotten simpler. Cutting-edge tools have also made life easier for seniors. If you are looking for ways to maintain your health and happiness as you age, Peabody Place offers a roundup of some innovative technology tools for seniors to help support health and make life easier.

Take advantage of cooking apps

Once you retire, you will have more time on your hands to devote to hobbies like cooking. When you aren’t pressed for time, preparing a meal is a far more enjoyable experience. Make the most of it by mastering senior-friendly recipes. Nutritious food gives you the nutrients and vitamins you need to maintain energy, which can be difficult to maintain as we get older.

Your smartphone can be a useful sous chef when preparing food. Cookster provides a roundup of practical apps to download. The Allrecipes app offers free recipes, for instance, while SideChef provides easy step-by-step instructions for meals targeted at newbie chefs. Finally, Tasty lets you manage all your different recipes easily in one place.

Consider taking a multivitamin

Even with a healthy diet, you might not get all the nutrients you need from food and drink alone. Many Americans fail to get the recommended daily amount of vitamin A or D, for example. A supplement specifically designed for seniors can help ensure you aren’t missing out on any essentials.

Use a technologically advanced pillbox to keep track of your supplement intake as well as any other medications you may need. Modern trackers don’t just allow you to compartmentalize pills based on day of the week; they also remind you to take them at the right time using gizmos like flashing lights or sounds.

Focus on fitness

As your needs change over the years, it’s important to look for exercises that will help improve your quality of life. Focus on activities that allow you to work on your balance, strength, and mobility. Yoga, swimming, and cycling are great ways to boost your health while having fun doing so. If you prefer working out at home, find a suitable regimen that works for your age group and requires little to no equipment. You can even turn to fitness apps with at-home workouts you can enjoy at your own pace.

Modern fitness trackers and smartwatches can keep track of everything from heart rate to how much physical activity you get on a daily basis. Some models can also alert emergency services if needed. This can be especially useful for older individuals who are more prone to dangerous falls at home. While new models can be pricey, a refurbished one can offer the same benefits at a lower price. Simply jazz it up with a new band, connect it to your smartphone and you’ll be ready to go.

Take advantage of preventative care

Preventative care is the key to living a long and healthy life. Regular checkups allow your doctor to catch potential signs of illness early and to make lifestyle recommendations so you can get on a healthier track. Note that Medicare may cover preventative measures; for instance, with a Medicare Advantage plan, you may qualify for certain wellness programs.

If you aren’t currently in Medicare Advantage, it is possible to switch during the yearly enrollment period. This is your chance to reexamine your current plan and see if you should upgrade. provides all the information you need to help you decide whether you should make the switch.

Stay social with modern technology

Finally, don’t forget to address your mental well-being as well. Many seniors may find themselves feeling isolated, especially after retirement when they no longer have the daily social contact they once had. This is why living at Peabody Place can make such a difference. With an array of activities and social programs, residents can stay engaged and enjoy a sense of community. For additional ways to stay connected, use apps to find volunteering opportunities, join a MeetUp group related to a favorite hobby or pastime, or consider even rounding up friends for weekly card games via Zoom.

With the above tech tips and tools, you can maintain your well-being physically and mentally.

Continued good health is the first step to enjoying your golden years as much as possible. Technology can also bring enjoyment to your life, which is important for your health — whether using a tablet or smartphone, you have a plethora of entertainment at your fingertips!


By Rhonda Underhill, Guest blogger