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Advantages of Senior Moving Services

Senior woman and man enjoying coffee surrounded by moving boxes

As we age, our lifestyles tend to change, including basic things like the place we call home. And while relocating can be a necessary transition, moving can be pretty stressful for anyone. In addition, leaving a home filled with decades of memorabilia and memories can be emotionally and physically overwhelming.

Luckily, you can hire senior moving companies that provide specific and practical assistance to senior citizens that need to change their location. These services include brawny movers that do the heavy lifting — but it can be much more than that. Senior movers also act as professional consultants for the process, providing much-needed guidance at every step of the way towards your new home, whether it’s aging-in-place with family or Peabody Place’s facilities.

Hiring the Right People

If you want to have a great move as a senior citizen, you’ll need the right people for the job. That’s why you should find a “senior move manager” that can help you plan out the entire relocation easily. There’s a National Association of Senior Move Managers, a non-profit whose work is tied explicitly to senior relocation, and they certify the best senior movers out there.

senior moving service packed boxes

Senior moving service can often handle the entire moving process — including packing.

Many senior moving services will give you the entire package — from planning the move to downsizing considerations and packing, to support on moving day. And make no mistake: planning such a move is certainly not easy.

First of all, you need to choose where you’ll move to, as well as decide what to do with your current home. But these are not the end of your moving plan by far. You also need to disconnect or transfer your utilities, clean your home, and dispose of any trash or stuff you don’t need. In case you can’t or won’t do this yourself, senior move managers can help with this or hire someone to do it.

Helping You Downsize and Pack

In most cases, the new home you’re moving to as a senior citizen won’t be as large as your previous one. That’s why putting all of your existing possessions in your new living arrangement can be challenging.

senior man and woman playfully packing cardboard moving boxes

Senior moving service managers can work with you on creating layouts of your new space.

However, senior moving services can help with this, as well — many senior moving managers offer to work with their clients on creating layouts of their new living space and plan out where everything will go.

That’s the difference between hiring senior movers and regular moving services. While ordinary movers would just transport the boxes to your desired location and leave, senior movers handle the entire process from start to finish. They may even handle the entire process of packing and unpacking, so there’s no need for you to worry about any of the practicalities. The moving company will bring their moving boxes, tape, and other packing materials and then pack all of your items carefully. Of course, if you want them to unpack everything at the end of the moving day, that’s possible as well.

Just make sure you hire the right people by asking all the necessary questions:

  • Can you provide any references?
  • What are your rates and do you provide them in writing?
  • Does your company have all the needed insurance and licensing?
  • Can you provide professional credentials?
  • How much industry experience do you have?

Such precautions are necessary to ensure that your move is a smooth one. So get the ball rolling today. Start by scheduling a tour at Peabody Place or set aside some time to discuss your options for the building expansion at Peabody Place to see if it’s the right fit. (603) 934-3718


By Michael Longsdon Guest blogger