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Assisted Living and the Green House Model at Peabody Place


The opening of our new and expanded Peabody Place with 45 Assisted Living suites with an additional 13 Memory Support units- on the same grounds as the “Olde Peabody Home, lends itself as the opportune moment to explain and clarify what Assisted Living at Peabody means, and looks like.

The times, they are changing, as Bob Dylan said, and in 2022, Assisted Living means so much more – supported independence, convenience and comfort, and a safe and secure environment while maintaining a high quality, carefree standard of daily living. Assisted Living is not the same or interchangeable with nursing home care; clarification might be helpful here.

From our earliest days of providing free care to those granted admission to Olde Peabody, after a small entrance fee, we’ve made sure the needs of residents were met. Peabody has always enjoyed the professional skills of nurses and for many years our home struggled with the cost of free medical care for those that called us ‘home’. Over time we had to charge an ever-increasing daily rate to keep pace with the cost of keeping Peabody open to those who could no longer live safely in their own homes.

We held two operating licenses until early 2022; a Nursing Home 803 licensure in tandem with the 805 Assisted Living credential. Once we affected our Big Move in April 2022 to the new Peabody we now hold only the Assisted Living license.

Assisted living in a nutshell

Older adults can expect personalized care in a residential assisted living setting. One may no longer feel safe living alone, might not be able to or care to maintain the property through the seasons, and may require some level of support such as medication management, assistance with personal care, dressing, grooming and bathing. Further; housekeeping and laundry services, nutritious chef-prepared meals, social programs, activities and limited transportation services are all part of the Peabody Place Assisted Living package. Staff is available 24/7 to help with care, safety and support.

Assisted living can provide all the care you need working with partner agencies that provide physical and speech therapists, podiatry, dental hygienist and extra visiting nurse care services. Truly we have a full platform of support for our seniors.

Assisted Living costs are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid and Assisted Living is not skilled nursing home care which provides a higher level of full-time medical expertise by trained staff who continuously monitor one’s medical needs either short or long term. These facilities are licensed by Medicare and/or Medicaid and are focused on short-term rehabilitation and long-term medical care. Assisted living communities are designed to feel home-like and residents typically live in their own apartments or suites with private baths and kitchenettes. Nursing homes have more of a clinical environment and residents typically live in a private or semi-private room that does not include a living room or kitchen

The financial picture

Peabody has always been a ‘private pay’ senior living community operating as a registered charitable organization. Our pledge to keep rates affordable is deeply ingrained in the culture since we have never levied hefty entrance fees. But the hard facts remain, care at the highest levels can be expensive which is where Long Term Care insurance can be a lifesaver and may cover large portions of the monthly bill to stay in Assisted Living providing certain criteria are met to trigger coverage access. Such coverage would expect a level of need relative to Activities of Daily Living or ADL’s. Often it’s the need for support in completing these human tasks that urge elders to seek admission to Peabody Place.

Veteran’s Aid and Attendance benefit is another program, if qualified, can help offset the cost of care in a licensed home.

The Eden Alternative with elements of the Green House Model – a new way at Peabody

The Green House Model represents a much-needed revolution in the way America approaches senior housing with comfort and dignity at the forefront.

Basic elements include:

  • Autonomy: Private bathroom and room, freedom from scheduling. Seniors are able to access shared and social areas of the house at any time, making it truly feel like home.
  • Green Living: A link with the natural world with plenty of sunlight, garden areas, water, plants and the outdoors.
  • Intimacy: Traditional homes can be large and foreboding, our culture is one of smaller groups clustered in a convivial space with much natural light and opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Smart Technology: Green House communities use smart technology such as adaptive devices, computers and high-tech systems that cut down on disruptive bells and alarms.
  • Warmth: A core value at Peabody – you will find a warm living situation with a layout that encourages social activity, as well as decor and furnishings that provide comfort.

Our Assisted Living community is very much like living independently but with the added benefits of a discreet emergency call at your fingertips, neighbours close by and tight social networking –in short, no one is alone or lonely at Peabody. There are more benefits to assisted living than simply getting a helping hand. It’s not about giving up your independence or the good parts of life. It’s all about getting the right kind of help thus maintaining a higher quality of life where dignity, companionship and encouraging independence are a top priority.

Our staffing model is a defining feature of the Green House model, with Licensed Nursing Assistants (LNAs) holding more responsibility for, and empowered to achieve, quality of care and quality of life for residents. We’ve made sure all are well versed in dementia care, and culinary education, operate as a self-managed work team by neighbourhood, providing a diverse range of supports including personal care, meal preparation, laundry and housekeeping. This allows for any staff member to respond in the moment to resident needs. By contrast, the old way meant staff typically performed only one or two tasks specific to their function, separated by department. Nursing staff, Dietary staff, Maintenance Staff, Housekeeping Staff, and Administrative staff ran in parallel but did not cross delineated work function lines. The Green House model allows for a whole house approach to care which more closely mirrors anyone’s private household. More comforting, more homelike, less institutional.

Likewise, activities are more organic with some pre-planning for excursions and regular anchor visitors such as spiritual and religious fellowship, musical entertainment and pet therapy, while others may happen depending on the mood of the day and the weather outside.

Life is good at Peabody Place.

Why would you have to leave Peabody Place?

The State has pretty clear rules about what we can and cannot provide within the Assisted Living setting. Unstable medical conditions and an inability to meet specific needs based on the level of care which require skilled nursing – think IV’s and feeding tubes and continual medical monitoring, as if you were actually hospitalized, are reasons you would not be a candidate for Assisted living, or, if such occurrences happened over time, would require a transfer to a skilled nursing facility. Psychiatric issues such as attempts to hurt oneself, or others may also trigger a formalized discharge plan.

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