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Construction Update and Priority Waitlist

building project update 16

Construction Update

We all thought that the wind yesterday would have shut the crane down – but we were wrong! We had two deliveries of steel (from Canada) that arrived and had to be unloaded. What you see today is only a portion of the full footprint that the first phase (Scope 1) is going to take up. There is a lot more building to come! This week and next week will be almost exclusively dedicated to putting the steel up. With a little cooperation from the weather, the plan is to start pouring concrete in two weeks on April 12th or so.

For those who like details — We will not only have concrete at the ground floor level – but also at the second and third floor levels — about 3.5 inches worth. How will they do it? Suspended across the big I beams are what are called bar joists. They are a metal truss that is engineered to be light but strong. On top of those will go some light gauge corrugated (think ribbed or scalloped) sheet metal. The concrete is poured on top of that sheet metal. How is that done two floors up you ask? That concrete pump rig will be back —- It looks a little like a snorkel – but it can put concrete just where they want it. I have no idea how it can pump material so heavy, so high and so far — but it does!

What’s a Priority Wait List or PWL?

There are a lot of people interested in our new building and we need a manageable and fair way to manage that interest and the Priority Wait List is the way to do just that. A potential applicant makes a fully refundable $1,000 deposit which locks them in to a set place on the PWL. In order to get the process started, all applicants until May 31st will have their names put in a hat and selected at random to establish the initial list. After that names will be added as deposits are received. All deposits are returnable at any time for any reason or for no reason at all. We do not have application or handling fees.

What Sets Peabody Place Apart from the Others? (Besides having the Best Ever Staff!)

  1. No Entrance Fee!
  2. No Commitment!
  3. We Welcome Pets!

Do an older friend a favor and ask them to get in touch with Marylee or me!

Heartfelt Recognition

It is easy to recognize glamorous and heroic acts – but it is important to also recognize the more mundane things that are done exceptionally well. Such was the case last week when one of our new Staff Members saw someone outside by the newly moved Gazebo who he did not recognize and took the initiative to investigate. It all worked out fine as our visitor was a Board Member. But Jeremey Bunker went above and beyond what is typically expected in order to ensure that all was well. Thank You Jeremy Congratulations for being our first Recipient (at a time still to be decided) of our Heartfelt Recognition!


We are blessed here at Peabody in having so many Staff who have been with us for years and years. It is time that we start to recognize those years of service! We have two Anniversaries that are in March and both are at the one year mark. Congratulations and Special Thanks to: Becky Joachim (3/7) and Catie Gaudreault (3/18). The Ceremony will be forthcoming and might possibly involve Easter Bunny!

Covid Update

Unfortunately, there is not much to report. New Hampshire new cases continue to rise (a little) even though hospitalizations and deaths have not. Until new cases and overall positivity rates start to track favorably, we do not expect that the state is going to relax any rules relative to long term care centers. Those of us who are optimistic hope that increased vaccination rates will offset the Spring Break/Mass Gathering transmission problems – and that we could very soon start to see a reduction in new cases. But for now we need to hold the course steady and continue with our present level of visitation.

The Wrap Up

These are certainly exciting times! My first month with you has been a very busy one and I want to thank everyone for helping me to feel so at home! In case I do not have the opportunity to get another update out this week – I want to wish my Christian Friends a very special Easter and my Jewish Friends a very special Passover.