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Construction Updates: Electrical Conduits

Peabody Place Construction Updates June 23, 2021: Electrical Conduits


If you haven’t been by to take a look recently – you are going to be wonderfully surprised! As the walls go up and roof goes on – the building looks larger and larger! The roof sheathing is going on and soon we will be tight to the weather and the interior work will begin in earnest. Why is the building fuzzy? That ‘fuzz’ is the fireproofing that has been sprayed onto all of the steel beams. It does give things a rather strange effect.

We now have a full maze of electrical conduits in place that will soon be covered by concrete. There is no going back, so it has to be right! The amount of planning that goes into such designs is truly amazing. We are just about on schedule and if the weather continues to be favorable we will be completely back on track very soon!
I have been hanging around retirement community construction sites for over 40 years now and I have never seen one that is safer! The Construction Manager (Engleberth), together with some of their major subcontractors all have in-house Safety Inspectors that monitor everything that is done. It can be dangerous work – but that danger is managed by following proper procedures.

Congratulations LNAs!

Although we are wrapping up our Recognition of our LNA’s as part of LNA Week, our appreciation for all they do — day in and day out — never ends. Our LNA’s are the face of Quality Care and Great Staff make for Great Care and we have the Best! Thank You for all you do to make Peabody the special place that it is.

A Marketing Moment

I’m often asked about what makes Peabody Place ‘different’ from other retirement centers? We pride ourselves on being ‘Inclusive’ in terms of our Mission to serve a very broad range of people. Other retirement communities pride themselves on being ‘exclusive’ and are priced accordingly. The fees and charges that they have are truly astounding! Not Peabody. No Entrance Fee, No Application Fee, No Long Term Contract. At Peabody Place you are never ‘trapped’. The important thing is for you to know that you have choices and that there are major differences between ‘us’ and ‘them’! You will pay a lot more elsewhere — but you will never receive more than you will right here!

Yes – There is Room! Even though all eyes are on our new construction – don’t forget that we are still open for business and that can join us here in our ‘Old’ building for both Assisted Living and Nursing Home Care. Contact us to find out more!

Your Help is Needed

Do you know someone who would make a great Staff Member — or maybe you have a Friend or Family Member who makes a Great New Staff Member — or perhaps someone who would like to Volunteer? If you do know a person or two who might fill the bill – Please give them a little nudge to call us at 934-3718

Wrap Up

We are all coming out of a year of pandemic with a renewed appreciation for life’s little pleasures. Our entertainers are back, we have trips going out, we have families coming in and it is all starting to look a little more ‘normal’. I hope you all enjoyed Motorcycle Week! I know that my sidecar riding pet dog certainly did!