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Is it Hot Enough for You?

Peabody Place Construction Update June 8, 2021: We have a steel-framed building, and all of that steel needs to be fireproofed by spraying onto it a special kind of insulation.

How many times have you been asked that these past couple of days? I’m glad to say that while this might be an old girl of a building that it’s patchwork system of air conditioning gets us by in pretty good form. The staff has been great, and we have made all the accommodations that we can think of to make things a little easier, a little better, for them as we move through this heatwave. Our members remember the days before air conditioning and know how to adjust what they do and how they do it accordingly. Now next summer will be some differences. Private Rooms and Individually controlled air conditioning will be a very welcome treat!

Are We Accepting New Members?

I still get asked that because some people assume that because of all the construction that we have some kind of moratorium on new admissions. Not the case at all! While there is never a bad time to join us — I have to say that there is something special about the first group of ‘Pioneers’ who make the move into the new building. Now is a great time to get here and get established before the big move this winter! Just give us a call at 934-3718 to find out more!

The Marine Corps we are not, but like the Marines, we as Staff, are the Few and the Proud and we do have a couple of openings. The perfect person for us might not even be looking for a job right now and that is why I want to encourage those of you reading this to think of someone you know who would be great for our Dining Services Department or someone who is an LNA or an experienced Caregiver. We have part-time and flexible hours available and unlike many places, we welcome and encourage those who have more than a few years behind them to apply. Life experience is as good, and maybe even better than work experience. Please ask that special someone you know to give us a call at 934-3718!

The doors are slowly opening, and with them is the opportunity, after more than a year, for us to welcome back our ‘pre-covid’ Volunteers as well as to bring on an entirely new group of Volunteers. As special as our staff is — there are still things that only volunteers can do. The only requirement is to have a Caring Heart! Leave the training to us! Think about starting small — Let’s say an hour a week. We want it to be manageable and fun for you.

The same number works for volunteering: 603-934-3718!

Covid Update

Yes, I said the doors were opening — but as per state “guidance” — they are opening slowly. But it gives us hope. And that hope is that over the next few weeks that we will be given even more latitude as to what we can do and how we can do it. The higher the vaccination rate, the lower the infection rate and the easier it will be for us to get back to normal. Please encourage everyone you know to get vaccinated as soon as possible!

Construction Update

What is that a photo of? We have a steel-framed building, and all of that steel needs to be fireproofed by spraying onto it a special kind of insulation. Spraying that insulation does not look the least bit interesting on a 95-degree day. I get itchy just thinking about it. That fireproofing will continue for at least a couple more weeks and soon we will see the metal framing for the exterior walls start to go up. Soon our roof will be enclosed, and the very extensive plumbing drain work continues. On your home, all the rain goes to the outside and into a gutter and down the downspout. We have sections of flat roof where rainwater will be collected in large interior downspouts (liters) that then connect to the storm drainage system. That all has to be carefully laid out because once the concrete is poured there is no going back.

Wrap Up

Have I reminded you yet to hydrate? Of course, in the old days, we just called it drinking water, but you get the idea. Don’t take the heat for granted and do look out for your neighbor. Not everyone has air conditioning and a wellness check by visit or phone call could be very important.

If you get a chance please drive by to see the progress — or better still, drive into Odell Park and take a look from the other side of the river!