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Peabody Place: Quality and Affordability

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Peabody Place construction as of July 22, 2021. At Peabody Place respecting your dignity means keeping you in control and values quality and affordability!


Our near-daily rain for the past week has been a complicating factor for construction – but fortunately, we were able to get the roof sheathing on just in time. That has allowed interior and exterior wall studding to proceed, electrical work, mechanical work and the elevator shaft to all proceed. It is a busy worksite out there these days. As soon as it dries out a bit we will see the roof shingled and the exterior wall sheathing start. Work will continue with interior partitions that pave the way for plumbing and electrical rough-in work. Along with that, we will also see some drainage work out back and at some point in the next week or two, they will be redoing the electric supply to the VFW next door.


Our new building will be state-of-the-art in many ways including having first-class wireless internet capability. Whether it is your phone, your tablet or your television — we will be ready to stream you the signal you need to make them all work! You want custom TV programming? You got it! You want all sports all the time? You can have it! Everything we do at Peabody Place is intended to keep you in control — including what you watch on your television.


As we get more and more visitors we will need more and more parking places. We need to respect the VFW and not use any of the center spots. That only leaves us the back edge of their lot which can quickly fill up. Please know that all staff is welcome to park out front. The contractor has made arrangements for the crews to park elsewhere which gives us additional spaces at any time of the day.


Respite Care is the short-term nursing or Assisted Living support that is provided during the time that a family member who is the primary caregiver of a loved one at home – is unable to. A typical scenario is that of the caregiver family member who wants to take a well-deserved vacation. It is next to impossible to get someone to stay at the home. That is where we can help with a short-term stay. We make it easy for the primary caregiver to be able to get away! Just give us a call for more information.


Do you have some time or some talent that you would like to share? Your involvement at Peabody will make a real difference! Contact us to find out more.


I receive all kinds of marketing and promotional materials from other retirement communities and I am amazed at what I see. A non-refundable application and waitlist fees, non-returnable entrance fees, asset requirements above and beyond the entrance fee and extremely high monthly fees. The typical arrangement makes it impossible financially to ever consider leaving them to move elsewhere. You are effectively trapped!

Not at Peabody Place! We offer: 

  • No Entrance Fee
  • 100% Refundable on Demand Priority Wait List Fee
  • No Application Fee
  • Why Pay More and Get Less elsewhere?

At Peabody Place respecting your dignity means keeping you in control. We do not earn your business just once: we proudly earn it each and every day! We have no aspirations to be the biggest — but we are proud to offer the best accommodations and the best service. Don’t miss out by waiting too long to give us a call! You can afford us! Give us a call so that we can show you how!

Wrap Up

Throughout its history, and continuing with the New Peabody Place, we have always been known for two very important things: Quality and Affordability! Those are not two words that you ever find together anywhere else in reference to Assisted Living and Retirement Communities. You can find them separately – but never together — except at Peabody Place! There are subsidized housing and healthcare options and there are some very very expensive retirement living options. Only at Peabody Place are you going to find both. Why is that so? Doing one or the other is easy — but doing both is a challenge. Only Peabody has welcomed that challenge.
Being inexpensive by depending on government subsidy is straightforward and very doable. That can be in the form of subsidized housing or Medicaid reimbursed assisted living and/or nursing home care. There are many good subsidized options out there for those who qualify. At the other extreme are the exclusive retirement communities that cater to the very wealthy and for whom cost is not an issue. This is the path that Lifecare, Lifeplan and Continuing Care Retirement Communities have taken. Sadly their costs are out of reach for a great many people.

The Mission of Peabody Place as a Value-Driven Community Based Charitable Not-for-Profit Organization is to provide the best in accommodations/care/services at a cost that is affordable to as broad a range of people as possible. How do we do that? Along with having the much-appreciated support of the community both financially and with volunteers. we do it the old fashion Yankee way of being efficient and flexible. We are here to give Franklin area retirement age people the ability to retire without having to leave the area. One of the Franklin area’s most important assets is its retirement age residents — we want to make it easy for them to stay here!

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– Howie