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Priority Waitlist Update


The good thing about making a mistake is that I get the opportunity to go back and fix it. I didn’t do a very good job in explaining how our Priority Wait List will work. Fortunately, some of you sent me emails that now give me a chance to straighten things out. You see, I forgot to note that all present Members do not have to join the Priority Waitlist because they already have priority. No paperwork and no deposit is needed! I apologize for any worry or confusion that my oversight created. Our present Members always come first!

I did forget to note that as the project has two phases — it also has two lists. All of our Assisted Living new residences will be completed in December of this year but our independent apartments will not be completed until December of 2022. The second Priority Wait List is just for those folks who really plan and who do not want to be left behind. The Independent Apartment list is first come first serve — so if you are even thinking about a move some 18 months from now – it is not too early to sign up!

The Dutch Uncle.

If you or someone you know had a difficult time of it this past winter — then now is not too early to get your name on the list to protect your options for next winter. You are only taking a risk if you do not get on the list. Things change with time and unless you are wine or cheese, things do not usually get better or easier. Peabody Place is not going to be the kind of Assisted Living that you are used to seeing — you are going to be wonderfully amazed! How do I know? Two Reasons: The first is because I know the kind of end product this Architect delivers — I have worked in four of their large buildings along with well over 100 of their independent townhomes. You are going to like what you see. The second reason is because of the truly wonderful Staff that we have here and who are looking forward to making the change. We are not some start-up community where you are going to be practiced on — We are already here right now and we will be there on move-in day.

Nobody wants to leave their home — that is a given. Sometimes a move is a key to remaining independent, to having fun again and this might surprise you — it can be a way for you to save money! If you have even thought about making a move for yourself or for a loved one — then please protect your future options by joining the Priority Waitlist. Your deposit is refundable at any time and for any or no reason.

I want to move but…

I’ve lost count but I know I have helped over 1,000 people make the move into an assisted living/nursing or retirement living setting. In the old days, I actually rented a truck and we did the moves ourselves. We are a full-service retirement community — we don’t just sign you up – we help you get here in all kinds of ways. Let me explain:

  • Selling Your Home.
    Many new Members will need to sell their homes — homes that they have lived in for the past 50+ years. We can help you with that. You can and should select the real estate broker and/or attorney of your choice to represent you in the sale of your property. We can recommend firms to you if you like. Please know that we have absolutely no financial relationship with any firm that we recommend. They know that if they want more recommendations that they need to take especially good care of our people.
  • Finances and Movers
    The same holds true with dealing with finances and even with movers. We are here to provide all the help that you need to take much of the anxiety out of your move. Moving might be the first time in years for you – but you can trust our decades of experience to make it trouble-free!

Resident Council Meeting this morning.

I can’t believe it has been a month since our last Resident Council Meeting!

We are all hopeful that warmer weather and getting outside will be our answer to ‘Covid Fatigue’ It has been a long stretch and we are all a little weary. One thing that I emphasized was that although we have a lot going on with the new building – that we are as committed as ever to taking the best care of everyone who is here right now. I offered sidecar rides and got at least one volunteer! We will wait for it to get a little bit warmer. I think a trip to Odell Park to see things from the other side of the river might be a good thing!

Under Discussion.

Right now we don’t know if can ever be done or if we can ever afford it —- but we do want to at least build in the possibility of one day building a deck at the river’s edge that could be used for both fishing and sitting to take in the view. Let me know what you think?

Celebrating the Moments

Back in 2008, I filed for trademark protection for the name of the approach we had developed for how to best run a Memory Support Assisted Living Program. I took issue with the many ‘structured’ programs that were and are still out there that found that routine and predictability were important to maintaining a ‘calm and supportive’ environment. The goal was to minimize agitation and unwanted ‘behaviors.’ I will be polite and say that I found those programs to be weak and self-serving.

My goal was to ‘Add Smiles to the Day’ by way of “Celebrating the Moments.” Let’s be practical — we are not going to cure dementia. We need to accept it and embrace it and make the best of it by looking for those oftentimes little opportunities that we can celebrate. It would be heading outside to see a butterfly or enjoying the muscle memory and smells of baking cookies. The key was for us to adjust to the often-changing moods of our members and to find ways to have fun!

It is not just a building we are preparing for — it is also the programs that will fill it!

Please do not start to expect daily updates —— I did that for the first year of this pandemic and it was exhausting (but it was important). Please be sure to let me know of anything that you think needs to be addressed.

Get out and enjoy the weather if you can.