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Progress is being made

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Good Afternoon All
I hope you were all able to get out and enjoy that past weekend’s great weather!

Construction Update:

Progress is being made, although it can seem a little slow. Steel can only go up one piece at a time and while the steel is going up no other subcontractors can be working the site. Steel has now shifted to the Southside of the building. Right now we are looking for concrete decks to be poured starting the week after next — that is when the pace definitely picks up!

Our much-needed new ‘temporary’ parking at the front of the building has been completed and has been seeing good use. At some point soon the old sign will be put into storage as we continue with the transition to our new name: Peabody Place!

Family Meeting

Last Friday we had a very productive Family Meeting via Zoom. Group meetings are important because oftentimes one person will comment on something that will resonate with the entire group. Communication — especially during difficult times (Covid) and during times of change (Construction) — is very important. We all recognize our desire to be free from the restrictions on visitation and yet we all know that in part it has been those very restrictions that have kept us covid free. As long as the community continues to see a high rate of new cases, it is expected that the state will be very reluctant to relax restrictions. We all hope that with the increase in the numbers of those vaccinated that the positivity rate will go down. I am concerned that we have some very impatient young people who have returned to ‘normal’ gatherings are going to keep that rate high for a few more weeks. A big question by Families was how the actual ‘Move’ of present Residents was going to take place. We will actually be setting the new building up for about two weeks before we actually move. On moving day, we will have breakfast in the old building and lunch in the new. In the afternoon the computers will come over and we will be good to go! Fortunately, we do not have far to go!

You Donations are Much Appreciated!

We are especially appreciative of families who request that donations be made to Peabody in lieu of flowers in order to honor the memory of a Loved One who has passed. Peabody is not just a not-for-profit organization — it is a Charitable organization that was created because of the major gift of this wonderful old building and continues because of the generosity of many people over the years. We cannot do it without you! Learn more about ways to give to Peabody.

Peabody Place is unique on the New Hampshire retirement community landscape. There are certainly many other places to choose from and while most of them are not-for-profit, none of them support a charitable mission in the way and to the extent that Peabody does. Peabody exists to take care of Franklin and Franklin area elders so that they do not need to leave their own community to find a retirement living option with the services they need and can afford. At Peabody Place, we do not have high entrance fees — We have NO ENTANCE FEES! At Peabody Place we don’t lock you into a contract that can be expensive to break. We know that needs can change over the years and that while we want our members to always stay we know that families can move and sometimes Members will want to follow. At Peabody, we adjust to the member, we don’t expect the Member to have to adjust to us.

Pets Galore!

I just finished the first draft of our new Pet Policy and still have pets on the brain! The largest continuing care retirement community does allow pets but notes that they do restrict them by breed and weight. I hope they don’t have similar requirements for new residents and staff! For me in conjures up the image of a monthly puppy weigh in and what happens if your puppy tips the scales too far. I can’t help but think of an old Seinfeld episode and some clerk yelling out: “No Puppy for You”! As the proud owner of a slightly heavyset Newfie, I am glad to report that we have not budgeted for any doggy scales in the new building!


Most people find eldercare to be a very serious business. Not here. It is not that we are not serious about what we do and our Staff could not be more dedicated and they work extremely hard. But we also know that working hard doesn’t mean that we cannot have fun. And we do ——— and it is important that we do, not only for Staff Morale – but for Resident Morale.

I believe that in any group of people — and perhaps especially those in care settings – that Residents come to ‘absorb’ the emotional energy of the people they see. During this pandemic that has meant primarily Staff. When we are having fun we are not being disrespectful — we are being therapeutic in the best possible way.

What is our job? It is much more than the tasks that we do to support Residents with the activities of daily living — yes, we do that – but that is not what we are about. When all is said and done we have done our job best when we are rewarded with a smile from a Resident! That is what Quality of Life is about! Our goal is to find whatever it is for that person at that time that will make him or her smile!

The Priority Wait List

On Friday we opened up a special account at Franklin Savings Bank for the sole purpose of holding Priority Wait List deposits —– which have already started to come in. It is not too early to get your name on the list. The deposit is refundable on demand so you don’t have to be absolutely positively sure – you just have to be more than a little interested!

Wrap Up

Pooky wanted to see how construction was going so I brought her over yesterday afternoon to Odell Park to see how we look from the other side of the river. Very Impressive. I’ve attached her photo. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!