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Siding, Dining and More

Peabody Construction Updates - siding view - Franklin NH


These are busy days on the construction site! Outside we have the new sewer line being connected. The vinyl siding installation continues. The roofing crew was back in this past weekend. Interior walls are mostly in. Wiring, plumbing, and mechanical work are all ongoing as is sheetrocking and fire sprinkler system installation. Windows are now all in and we are close to being 100% weather tight. Work on the entrance roadways will happen this week that will require the construction management trailer to be moved and we expect that our emergency generator will be set in its new home this week as well. Right now, the best place to take in the view of the work in progress is from across the river at Odell Park. It is going to be a big – but not an overbearing – building!

Behind the Scenes

While not nearly as glamorous as new construction, we also have several internal projects going on in anticipation of moving into the new building. Chief among them is a restructuring of our dining services department. With Mariah leaving us to pursue other career options we have partnered with Glendale Dining Services to direct our dining services. They will be starting with us in October. They have a tremendous amount of experience in retirement community dining, and they are the perfect partners to not only move us from the old building to the new – but also to introduce an entirely new dining program that is specially designed for our new memory support, assisted living and independent living members.

The Dutch Uncle

All too often I have seen people wait longer than they should have to make the decision to help a loved one move into an assisted living center. It is understandable. Your loved one doesn’t want to leave home. The caregiver spouse inevitably feels conflicted. S/he wants to do what is best, wants to do what their ill spouse wants, doesn’t want to look as though they have given up and as a result does nothing. Oftentimes two things happen: first of all, the caregiving spouse becomes exhausted and depressed – and understandably so. The second thing is something that we who work in eldercare see —but that a caregiving spouse does not. We see how much better people do after they join us as residents. This is not a reflection of the care provided by the well spouse. There is only so much that one person can do, and oftentimes it necessarily results in a degree of social isolation for both. We provide that socialization and with it a wonderful improvement in quality of life. We are not here to cure people of being old – we are here to help people smile regardless of their age or situation! We do not take the place of the Caregiving Spouse – we assist her/him in improving quality of life by adding smiles to the years!

Choosing assisted living is not about giving up, it is about opening the door to a new and exciting chapter. Please reach out to us for more information!

Wrap Up

I could not be more proud of our staff —a staff whose approach to problem-solving reminds me of the unofficial motto of the U.S. Marine Corps which is to improvise, adapt and overcome. Between construction disruption and COVID, we have had ample opportunity to improvise new solutions with the resources that we have, to adapt long-held ways of doing things in favor of what is needed today, and overcome many and different kinds of barriers. These are very different and challenging times – but our staff has been up for the challenge!

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