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Steel framework is up

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Good afternoon, all

The steel framework is up and the concrete floors are being poured. The Plumbers and the Electricians have arrived on site and things are busier than ever!  When the floor goes in it quickly begins to look like a home! It won’t be long before the roof trusses go on and after that, the walls will go up!

A Mother’s Day Thank You!

A very special “Thank You” is due to our wonderful Staff who worked this past Sunday — Mother’s Day. Instead of being served – they were here being of service. It is a fact of life that those working in healthcare often need to celebrate holidays on a unique schedule often putting the needs of Residents ahead of their own and of their families. Your Dedication and Sacrifice is Very Much Appreciated! Thank You!

Nurse’s Week Ends Tomorrow — But our Respect and Appreciation for all that our Nursing Staff does continues ongoing!

Our Nursing Staff might be small but Catie and her Team do an Amazing Job day in and day out. Having worked in both large and small places I can confirm that it is the small places like Peabody that are the most challenging for Nursing Staff. They have to do everything that is done in a large place – but without the levels of support enjoyed by the bigger places. I know that I can speak on the behalf of our Residents and their Families in Thanking You for your Dedication, your caring and your Professionalism! You are a truly wonderful group to work with!

Marketing Minute

Did you know that planning ahead costs you nothing? While we do have a paid Priority Wait List we also have a free Wait List that gets you connected to the information loop so that you always will know what is going on. Maybe you or a loved one doesn’t need supportive services today — but might this winter or next year. Why not get on the list today to help keep your options open. We are not here to rush you out of your home — we are here to help support you with whatever decision that you feel is best for you.

Wrap Up

My goal is to stay in better touch with you all. If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to let me know. Questions that you have might very well be the same that a number of other people have.