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There’s a lot going on here at Peabody Place!

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With much appreciation to some great weather, our construction is back on schedule! Today they started to install the roof trusses which will transform the look of the new building from that of a box to that of the Home that it is destined to become. The second and third-level floors have been poured and as soon as the plumbers finish with their drainage lines, the first level floor will be poured as well. I will guess that by the end of next week we will have most of the roof closed in and maybe the first level floor in as well. After that, the framing for the walls begins and things will get busy as all the trades arrive to start their work. Earlier today I posted to Facebook a panoramic photo of our view from the third floor – and it is truly spectacular. Please check it out – and while you are there please ‘Like’ our Facebook Page!

A Marketing Moment

Did you know that you do not have to wait until the new building is done to be able to join us for Assisted Living? Give us a call so that we can explain how making a move sooner instead of later just might be the best thing that you can do for yourself and for your family. We only have a couple of rooms available making it more important than ever to act now instead of later.

Did you know that Peabody Place represents the best value in the Lakes and Three Rivers Region? We are a true not-for-profit that remains committed to staying affordable to as many people as possible. Call us today (934-3718) to find out more!

Dutch Uncle

That’s me, and this is where I offer unsolicited but benevolent advice based on my 40+ years of experience in retirement housing, nursing homes and assisted living centers. I have seen many people put off the move to assisted living for far too long — but I have never seen anyone regret having moved a bit too early. It is hard to leave one’s home — no question about it. But when the time comes, it is better to do so on your terms then it is to have the terms controlled by changing circumstances. I am fortunate in that over the years I have helped to welcome hundreds of people make the transition and almost all blossom shortly after arrival because of increased socialization. Let’s be candid — for many people living alone is not a bowl of cherries. It can lead to loneliness and social isolation. We old Yankee types grew up with the notion that living on our own is always what is best. It is just not true!

And there is more (I can’t resist a soapbox). Assisted Living is oftentimes the best possible insurance you can have to protect you from the need to move to a nursing home. I don’t say that because nursing homes are bad – but I do because nursing homes are a lot more expensive. For many people living in a supportive residential environment (assisted living) – is all they will ever need.

Essentially people have two choices. You can wait until you absolutely, positively have to leave your home – at which time your options could be unavailable, limited or very expensive. Or, you can choose to make the transition on your terms and control the process. I recommend the latter. We are here to help you sort out all of the various options that you have to choose from and there is absolutely no cost or obligation. Whether or not you choose to move, whether or not you choose us if you do – we are here to help. Just give us a call!

Very Special and Caring Individuals Needed!

I am sure you have seen the signs and all the ads in the paper for “Help Wanted,” and we are no exception. The good news is that with such a dedicated staff that position openings are infrequent. Our best staff come from personal referrals and with that in mind, I hope that if you know any LNAs or unlicensed caregivers, that you will suggest to them that they give us a call. We also have a full-time opening in dining services. While we would of course prefer full-time, year-round staff — we would also welcome students for summer-only work.

Covid Update

It has now been over 14 months since we closed the door to open visitation! While we cannot throw that door open wide in the way we would like – we are able to open it a little wider than we have been able to.

It is a bit of a balancing act. We need to abide by the rules/regulations/guidance of the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services and the Center for Disease Control – and we need to protect the emotional well-being of our members and their families. All visits still need to be scheduled in advance, but the frequency of vaccinated visitor visits can increase. Visitors need to plan in advance, sign-in/screen-in just as we continue to do as Staff – and just like Staff visitors will need to wear masks. And there is more, residents can (by prior arrangement) now be taken out with vaccinated family and friends and not have to quarantine upon their return. We have already notified Dairy Queen to expect a sudden rush of customers that they haven’t seen in 14 months. Prior arrangements do have to be made — and the more notice the better. This is a wonderful step in the right direction!
If you have not already done so — please consider getting vaccinated. Nobody is more vulnerable than our members and we want to do everything we can to protect them — and right now the best thing is for us to be vaccinated so that nothing will come between us and getting things back to “normal.”

Wrap Up

Last summer was one where one thing after another was canceled. There was no summer. This year is looking very different as restrictions increasingly are relaxed. Best Wishes to all for a very special Memorial Day Weekend.