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march 10

Construction Update

It doesn’t matter whether you are on Central Street or across the river at Odell Park — You will be impressed by what you will see! The steel framework of the building is well underway. Although I have seen a lot of buildings go up from start to finish I am still amazed at what looks to be small when it is just the foundation walls – starts to look huge when the framework goes up. This is going to be a wonderfully big building!

The rest of this week along with next week will see the Steel Erectors controlling the site. They need to get in and then out before the rest of the trades can get on site. With so much steel flying around, it is the only safe way to go.

The week after that the fun begins as concrete slabs (the floors) get poured starting from the top down, while the plumbing gets started from the bottom up. Victor is the Construction Superintendent whose job it is to choreograph the timing and location for how all the trades interact in the most efficient manner possible. No easy task on a job this size.

And Speaking of Victor and of All the Engelberth Construction Crew.

Today they moved our Gazebo – that was on the front lawn – to its new temporary home adjacent to the temporary entrance. They installed it perfectly so that those with wheelchairs and walkers can easily use it. Remember – it is now over a year since long term care facilities have been in ‘Lock Down’. Many Residents have not been outside in over a year! Along with moving the Gazebo, Victor and Crew also gave us a doorway to the back patio. Now Residents have the choice of going outside in the open air or in a screened-in area! Moving the Gazebo was no small job starting with building a lifting frame for it and then using two Excavators and at the end a Telehandler that many of us knew by one of the major brands called Lull’s. They did a Great Job that will be appreciated by all right up until it is time to move into the new building! Thank You!

How Will Peabody Place be Different than all other Retirement Communities?

With each ‘edition’ of these updates I am going to focus on a different way that we will be different from any other place out there. We won’t be bigger and we might not be fancier – but we are going to be wonderfully different (which I mean to be better!) than anyone else.

Some places ‘allow’ pets. They don’t much like the idea and they discourage it in any way that they can. I’ve seen some communities restrict certain breeds of dogs and even include weight restrictions. That weight restriction requirement has me thinking about an old episode of Seinfeld with the Soup Nazi. I envision a retirement community that has a monthly weigh in of all pets and if yours exceeds the limit some bureaucrat will suddenly yell out: “No Pet for You!”.

We are not going to create a Prohibition of Purple Puppies that Poop like Ponies — We are going to be as we are in all things — value-based. The Value regarding pets is that Thou shall not allow anything that intrudes on your neighbors right to the quiet enjoyment of his/her apartment and their comfort/safety throughout the campus.
Pets are important for two very important reasons —- one you know, and one that might be new to you.

  • The first is that pets are companion animals. They brighten our lives. When I get home and my Newfie is at the door wagging her tail — I just always smile, no matter how I was feeling the moment before. Animals are therapeutic. Having a cat in your lap has been shown to lower blood pressure. Why would we ever want to deny that comfort, that pleasure to someone just because they want to retire in a shared setting?
  • The second reason is a little more subtle. A while back I told you about a pin that has traveled with me that says: “Problems are what people have, Not what people are” In my office I have it pinned to a framed deficiency fee inspection report that I have — but right next to that button is the one other thing on that frame — the “3 Plagues of Aging”.

A little background: Somewhere around 20 years ago Dr. William Thomas developed what he called the ‘Eden Alternative’ in response to the horrifying conditions that he found in all too many nursing homes. He identified these 3 Plagues as what really crushes the spirit of many nursing home residents. The first two are fairly easy to understand: Boredom and Loneliness. Easy to understand does not at mean easy to resolve — it is a huge challenge for all of us. But it is the third ‘plague’ that is equally debilitating. It is called ‘Helplessness’. People who have been needed all their lives, people who have had purpose every day — can lose all that on the day they move into a nursing home. We do everything for them! And yes, we do it with love and caring and of course the best of intentions. All too often our best efforts contribute to a greater level of dependence at the expense of independence. Many many years ago I became certified in the ‘Eden Alternative’ At the time many people misunderstood why it was that Dr. Thomas wanted pets and plants in nursing homes. Strange to some was that his ‘pet’ of choice for elders were caged birds — that many of us thought of as being dirty and nasty little creatures! More important than those birds being ‘company’ for the elder – they also were a responsibility for the elder to take care of. They were needed to feed and clean their bird. It turns out that all studies showed that the one little change made a world of difference.

We encourage pets not only because they provide companionship — but because they also provide responsibility and a sense of purpose that fights that third plague of ‘Helplessness’. Would it be easier for us as Staff and as an Organization to not allow pets? Of course it would! Are we going to have some problems to contend with? Most definitely! But we will be doing the right thing for the right reasons and it will be worth it and our Residents will thank us for it!

A Covid Update

Healthcare — including Peabody – is still in a ‘holding pattern’. We have the airport in sight but we have not yet been cleared to land. The facts show that we are not completely out of the woods yet. With only 12% of the state fully vaccinated, it means we have a great many people out there who can still have and still spread the virus. As frustrating as it is — we need to hold on a little longer before making any major changes. Your understanding and support is appreciated!

How Do I Sign Up for Peabody Place?

Very Very Soon we will be announcing how all who are interested can join our soon to be established Priority Wait List. The Priority Wait List (PWL) is the best way to get the best choice of location along with the best of the pre-completion pricing! More details to follow — but do not miss out on signing up as soon as you can!

The Wrap Up

It has been just over a month since I came aboard — and what a wonderful and busy month it has been! These have been very exciting times!

Enjoy this weather!