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What Makes Peabody Place Different from the Rest?

peabody-construction-updates - What makes peabody place different

There used to be a huge difference between not-for-profit retirement communities and private sector retirement communities. Not so much anymore. In general, both private and not-for-profits have abandoned the ‘middle’ market and have gone straight to the ‘high’ end of the market. Although we have a tremendous County system that does a great job for those at financial risk – most people – those who are in the “middle” – have been abandoned.

Not by Peabody Place! At Peabody, we have not forgotten our heritage. We were created by the community to serve the community — and that is what we continue to do both now and with our new expansion. I do not want anybody to think that just because we will have a new building that we are going to become ‘exclusive’. Not at all!

You will pay a lot more elsewhere — but you will not get more. Sometimes people assume that they cannot afford assisted living or nursing home level care and are surprised after talking with us to find that they can! Please do not be reluctant to give us a call to explore options either for some time soon or to plan for the new building. You just might be pleasantly surprised!

Construction Update

Why do we have ‘Fuzzy Steel Beams’? All of our structural steel will be fireproofed with a sprayed-on coating. That process has started and will continue until done. The installation of roof trusses continues, and the mechanical contractor continues with first-floor drain line installation in advance of pouring the floor. Today we also received a visit from the gas company and there is speculation that our existing service might need to be ‘lowered’ during construction. Later this line will be removed when the new building opens. I will let you know more as I learn more.

I hope you can get out to enjoy this weather — the weather that we all hoped we would have had for this past weekend!