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Yes, we are welcoming new members!

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If you or someone you know is considering a move to assisted living — You don’t have to wait for the new building. We are presently welcoming New Members right now! Just give us a call at 603-934-3718 to find out more.

When is the right time to make a move to Assisted Living?

For some, it is a matter of necessity, and a move is required because it is no longer safe or practical to stay in one’s own home or apartment. But for most, it is a matter of quality of life. For many living independently can come with a high price tag in the form of social isolation. There is no question but that it is difficult to leave ones home — but in my 40+ years of welcoming new arrivals to Assisted Living I get to see the positive transformation that comes with having people to talk with and not having to worry all the time. It is always the right time to get more information.

The Priority Wait List

Don’t Miss Out! A one thousand dollar fully-refundable deposit is all it takes to ensure that you will have the opportunity to be one of the initial Members of the new Peabody Place! All deposits received between now and May 31st will be drawn at random to establish the initial order of consideration. After that, names will be added in the order received. Unlike other places, you never lose your place if you pass up an opportunity to join us. Many will consider the loss of interest to be a very small price to pay in order to keep your future options open!

Your position on the list gives you priority in the selection of apartments as well. Your deposit is always returnable (albeit without interest) at any time and for any or reason at all. Don’t Miss Out!

What about members?

Not many will remember this, but before World War II it was common for those who lived in ‘Homes for the Aged’ to be referred to as “inmates.” At that time, it was not used in connection with the correctional facility designation, but of a more general institutional connotation – similar to the use of “ward” – as in ‘ward of the state.’

Fortunately, the word “inmate” became replaced by the word ‘patient’ which in non-hospital settings later got replaced by ‘resident’ (and sometimes by ‘client’).

At Peabody Place, we want to convey a sense of independence, control and ownership — and being a member says that much better than the word “resident” can.

Covid Update

Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report – at least no good news.

We all expected that the State would have been relaxing restrictions on long-term care centers (including Peabody) by now — but that has not happened. State Department of Health and Human Services officials are troubled as we all are by the continued increase in new cases as well as a slight increase in hospitalizations. While both these metrics are not out of control — they are not trending in the right direction — and until they do, the state is going to be reluctant to ease off of restrictions. The Coos County Nursing Home in Berlin went over a year with a positive case – but is now in outbreak status. Unlikely but it is possible. The continued understanding of our Members and their Family Members is appreciated. Please know that we are committed to returning to ‘normal’ operations just as soon as we are allowed to and it is safe to do so!

Today the main part of the site continues to be dominated by steel erection. It is a relatively slow process of one piece of steel being lifted, set and secured. The windy conditions actually complicate matters considerably — but it does proceed.
Out front – and a day earlier than expected – we have the start of our expanded parking going on. The excavator operator very carefully moved the plant beds to a safe area which allowed for a very dedicated group of Volunteers to come in and to prepare the perennials for a new life at various public community garden spots around the City! A great group! Thank You! And special thanks go to Victor from Engelberth Construction for coordinating the delicate timing between parking construction and flower relocation! It is much appreciated!

Of course, construction always goes well until it doesn’t. The good news: We found the water curb stop. The bad news: We found it with an excavator. With much-appreciated help from the Franklin Water Department, repairs were made and we are back in business. In case you were wondering — it is not the water line supplying Peabody, so our service was not affected.

Wrap Up

First of all, I hope that you had a wonderful Easter and that you were able to get out and enjoy the weather! My wife (Carrie) dressed up in the Easter Bunny Costume (the one that I wore here last week) and got into my sidecar for a trip to her Mom and Dad. We soon discovered that people really like Easter Bunny — apparently especially if said Bunny is in a sidecar! They waved, beeped and flashed their lights! My usual passenger (our Newfoundland) was not pleased but she also refused to wear the suit!

There are many things that make Peabody (now Peabody Place) special — but one of the more important ones is the way that Staff and Members and Families all connect. We are not now and will not be some large bureaucratic organization that is a challenge to negotiate. I have been amazed and pleased to find that every single Staff Member is committed to doing everything that they can to be of service to each and every member.