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Hospice Care: What does that mean?

What does hospice care mean

Hospice care does not mean “no care because the person is diagnosed with a terminal illness.” Hospice is the name given to the way people are choosing their end-of-life care. It is the focus of the “team,” healthcare and family, to relieve the stress and symptoms of a terminal illness.

Peabody partners with multiple Visiting Nurses Associations in our service area to provide hospice care to an individual during their stay at Peabody. The team at Peabody Place provides 24/7 care along with the volunteers and nurses from the VNA Hospice. In the setting of Peabody Hospice services can be most beneficial to the family. Some of those services include spiritual support, social worker assistance and a liaison between the caregivers the Hospice team. The connection with the hospice team does not end at the death of your loved one. The hospice team provides ongoing support to the family after the death.

One of the true strengths of Peabody Place is the ability to help the family navigate through a very confusing time. We will listen to what you want for your loved one, then give you the tools to make “informed” decisions. That decision may include staying with us, staying at home or some other alternative.

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